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The MNITF extends a special thank you to the OneLegacy Foundation for a generous grant to fund the theater, TV/cable, and radio airtime for the OneLegacy service area.

The MNITF would also like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals who contributed to this PSA effort:

  • Joe Camareno, Celtino Entertainment Group

  • Natasha Campos, RN, Transplant Coordinator, St. Vincent Medical Center

  • Lori Hartwell, Renal Support Network

  • Kathleen Hostert, OneLegacy

  • Tania Llavaneras, OneLegacy

  • Michael Salvatore

  • Roberto B. Vargas, MD, MPH, David Geffin School of Medicine, UCLA

  • Stephanie Wiand, Celtino Entertainment Group


Thank you to the dialysis patients, living donors, and transplant recipients who shared their stories with us!

  • Norma Araos

  • Jeanne & Keenan Cheung

  • DeWayne Cox

  • Reginal "Reggie" Griffin

  • Lilly Hernandez

  • Claudia Sanchez

Want to make a difference in the life of someone who is suffering from kidney disease or kidney failure? Text the word KIDNEY to 21000 where you can make a tax-deductible donation of any amount to MNITF! Your generosity makes our work possible!

The MNITF would like to know more about why you visited the Fixing Paco website today, and we invite you to take a few minutes to complete the survey. To thank you for your participation, you will receive a Donate Life pin. Click here to participate in our short Survey.

To remain successful in our mission of advancing organ transplantation through research and education, we rely upon the generosity of individuals like you. Please consider making a donation today. Click Here

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