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MNITF is creating and evaluating a comprehensive digital series about kidney transplantation and living donation that targets the needs of African-American patients and families facing end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Similar to the Fixing Paco  series, Linked by Love will present transplant and living donation information by combining education and entertainment (“edutainment”) to create a fictional story that incorporates drama and comedy.  


The project is unique because scientific research is being used to help create the main characters and storyline by addressing the common barriers that prevent African Americans from accessing and utilizing transplantation as a treatment option.  


Linked by Love will also highlight living donor kidney chains to help patients, family members, and friends learn more about living donation. In addition, the series will provide viewers with education about kidney disease and kidney failure as well as prevention.  


Sponsorship Opportunity!

To help support this effort, learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities.  A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. Click here for the Sponsoship Opportunity Form.

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